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Wide Fitting Specialists - Order online or visit our London store. Call 0208 819 7756 for help and advice.
Wide Fitting Specialists - Order online or visit our London store. Call 0208 819 7756 for help and advice.

Recommended Shoes For Custom Orthotics

Shoes For Custom Orthotics 

Orthotics are recommended to help remedy a number of conditions such as plantar fasciitis, bursitis, tendinitis, diabetic foot ulcers, as well as  foot, ankle, and heel painand basically refer to any device which can be worn inside a shoe.

These can be custom made or bought over the counter at pharmacies depending on what problem they are trying to fix. 

Ones bought over the counter are often called 'shoe inserts' as they are mass produced and not customised to the shape of your individual foot. So these would include items such as arch supports, gel metatarsal pads, etc..

Over the counter items  do not often require specialized footwear as they are quite small and can be fitted into existing footwear. They can be useful for helping with issues such as tendinitis, heel spur pain and fallen arches.

One caveat, if you suffer from diabetes we would recommend that you avoid 'shoe inserts' and book an appointment with a Podiatrist if you are suffering from foot pain or back pain which you think may be caused by misalignment of the feet. Over the counter products may not be suitable for you and may actually damage your feet, which will be more sensitive due to your condition.

Customized orthotics are usually prescribed by a Podiatrist, and are typically larger than off the shelf products. These are designed just for you and the shape of your foot. They often require specialist footwear as they can be difficult to accommodate in normal footwear as there isn't enough room inside the shoe.

Custom orthotics can be used to help correct a range of conditions and are usually divided into two types; harder orthotics which are designed to keep your foot in a certain position (Functional Orthotics) and softer more protective orthotics (Accommodative Orthotics).


  • Functional orthotics which are designed to control abnormal motion. They may be used to treat foot pain caused by abnormal motion; they can also be used to treat injuries such as shin splints or tendinitis. Functional orthotics are usually crafted of a semi-rigid material such as plastic or graphite.
  • Accommodative orthotics are softer and meant to provide additional cushioning and support. They can be used to treat diabetic foot ulcers, painful calluses on the bottom of the foot, and other uncomfortable conditions.

Both of these can be quite bulky and require specialist footwear, but don't worry, we have a large range of footwear which can accommodate custom orthotics so you won't have to compromise on style or function. 

Some styles have removable insoles so you can replace them with your own orthotics. Others have deeper or more accommodating fits due to the design of the shoe, which allow you to add your own orthotics easily. Our range includes a variety of widths so you can get just the right fit!

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