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Welcome to Wide Shoes!

We have over 40 years of experience finding the perfect shoe for those with very wide or difficult to fit feet.

We specialise in ladies and men's extra wide fittings shoes, boots and sandal that are impossible to find on the high street.

The widest width fittings in most well known high street chains is an e fitting, or possibly an ee fit. Even specialist wide fit shops such as Clarks typically only stock up to an eee fitting.

We offer wide width fittings from an e fitting up to an 8e, which are very wide. The widest widths also have deep toe boxes to comfortably accommodate swollen feet or to give plenty of room for hammer-toes.

E Width Fitting8e Width Fitting

We stock all the well known wide fitting brands such as DB Shoes, Easy B, Cosyfeet, Padders and Skechers Wide Fit, as well as hard to find international wide fit brands such as Fitville, Wide Load and Waldlaufer.

List Of Wide Fit Shoe Brands

So don't despair if you haven't been able to find a shoe wide enough, we can definitely help you.

We are often recommended by London foot health professionals to help their patients who suffer from a range of foot conditions such as hammertoes, oedema, painful corns and bunions. These patients need comfortable, supportive footwear to help them manage their condition, and we have the experience to help.

We also stock an extensive range for people with diabetes. These styles have soft leather uppers, minimal seams and supportive insoles which cushion and protect the foot.

Many of our styles come with removable insoles so you can insert your custom orthotics. We also stock easy close footwear for customers who have difficulty with buckles or laces.

If you would like a personalised fitting, we cordially invite you to our Wide Shoe shop in Wembley North London.

Wide Fit Shoe Shop in London

One of our experienced advisers will discuss your individual requirements and assist you in finding footwear that fits perfectly, whether thats sandals, trainers, boots or evening wear.

We have free parking right outside and wheelchair access if required.

Alternatively, you can call us on 0208 819 7756 if you have any questions about our range or if you are seeking individual advice on what styles may suit you best.

Let us help you make your feet happy! Everyone deserves footwear that is comfortable and looks great!


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Telephone: 0208 8197756
Email: sales@wideshoes.co.uk

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