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Wide Fitting Specialists - Over 25 years experience helping our customers find comfortable footwear.
Wide Fitting Specialists

Ladies Extra Wide Fit Shoes- Our Widest Fittings

Our widest width fittings for ladies with serious swelling of the feet and ankles, large bunions and advanced hammertoes. 
This collection of wide fitting shoes is extra-wide and extra deep with lots of comfort features to ensure happy feet all day long. 
You are in the right place if you have a serious foot condition and struggle to get comfortable and supportive footwear.

  • DB Extra Wide Velcro Shoes Ladies Shoe
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    DB Shoes

    DB Fife - 8E Fitting

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    IDEAL FOR THE FOLLOWING CONDITIONS:            The Fife is a ladies extra wide fitting shoe with double Velcro closing straps in a very wide and ve...

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