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Wide Fitting Specialists - Order online or visit our London store. Call 0208 819 7756 for help and advice.
Wide Fitting Specialists - Order online or visit our London store. Call 0208 819 7756 for help and advice.

Understanding Width Fittings

Frustrated by shoes from high street shops that are uncomfortable and too narrow?
Have a wardrobe full of shoes you can't wear?

Well, don't worry. We can help.

If you have naturally wide feet or a medical foot condition such as bunions, swelling, hammertoes or gout, we have a comfortable shoe waiting for you that your feet will love.

 We are wide fitting specialists and stock a range of widths ranging from slightly wide, to extra wide and extra deep for serious foot conditions.

I know my shoe size but not my width fitting..

Very few people know their width fitting. Width fittings are described in the UK using a letter. Most of the shoes you will find on the high street are a D width fitting - which is a standard fitting.

The next width fitting up from a D, is an E, then an EE and then EEE (3E). 

The widest fitting you will find on the high street is only an E fitting. As you can see, there are lots of width fittings wider than an E fit!

I need a wide fitting with extra depth in the shoe..

If you have a foot condition or very wide feet, you will benefit from having extra depth in your shoes (don't worry - the extra depth is hidden in the shoe design so from the outside they look like a regular shoe). If this is the case for you, then look at our 4E to 8E fittings, which offer a deeper fit and lots of width.

These width fittings offer extra width AND extra depth. Ideal if you have swollen feet or a serious foot condition. For example, if you suffer from hammertoes, these fittings will stop your toes from rubbing the top of the shoe. If you find your feet pressing against the top of your shoes, then these widths are for you too!

I have swollen feet, and the swelling varies during the day.

We recommend a variable fit shoe for customers in this situation

A variable fit has a V instead of E to describe the width fitting. The V tells you that the fitting is variable.

This is often because the insole can be removed to create extra depth or the upper has properties which allow extra depth if needed (Velcro straps or elastine properties in the upper).

For example, our 6V fitting has the width of a 6E fit, but the depth can be increased as needed.

Variable fits suit those who suffer from swelling (Oedema), which is more extreme in the mornings or differs throughout the day. This allows the fit to be adjusted, so the shoe remains comfortable regardless of the degree of swelling. 

Variable fit also suits those who may prefer a looser fit when sitting at home relaxing but want a more secure fit when going for a walk or moving around the house.

When you see a variable fit on our website you will also see the optional extra width they offer in brackets.

So for example, a 6V (6E-8E) fitting is a 6E width fitting that can be increased to an 8E in some way. You will be able to read more about how this is achieved by reading the shoe's product description.

Find Out Your Width

Ready to find your width fitting?

Visit our Measure Your Width page for simple instructions on how to measure the width of your feet. It only takes a few minutes and can help you get the perfect fit your feet are looking for!

Find Out The Width Of Your Feet


We hope this helps explain the different width fittings on offer, but we are always delighted to help you if you want further assistance or guidance.

You are welcome to call us for advice or to visit our specialist wide fitting store in Wembley. One of our trained fitters will be able to advise you to ensure you get the perfect pair of shoes, regardless of your foot shape or any foot issues you may have.