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Wide Fitting Specialists

Understanding Width Fittings

You have probably visited our website because you have trouble finding comfortable shoes due to a foot issue or because you have wide feet.

On this website you will find lots of shoes in different widths and this page is designed to help you understand the different width fittings we have on offer, so you can find the perfect pair of shoes or boots to suit the shape of your feet.

Width fittings are described in the UK using a letter. Most of the shoes you will find on the high street are a D width fitting. If you are reading this then you are unlikely to be a D fitting. 

Some high street shops claiming to be wide fitting specialists will offer shoes in an E width fitting. An E fitting is a little wider than a D fitting.

Here at wide shoes we offers shoes up to an 8E fit (an easy way to say EEEEEEEE) but what does this mean in terms of extra width?

So, an E fitting is wider around the front of the shoe to give more room for the toes than the D fitting you find on the high street.

An EE fitting (or 2E) and EEE (3E) are designed with increasing width, with each extra E adding more width around the front of the shoe. So a 2E is wider than a E fitting, and a 3E is wider than the 2E.

Once you get to EEEE (4E), the shoe is not only designed with more width but the toe box also has extra height, so you get extra width and extra height at the front of the shoe. This width suits those who suffer from foot swelling, hammer toes, gout and sensitive feet. These customers need extra width but also require extra height to avoid shoes rubbing the tops of the toes and causing pain and irritation. We also have customers who just have very wide feet and this width can suit them very well too.

EEEEEE (6E for short) takes this one step further and is deeper and wider again than the 4E fitting. EEEEEEEE (8E) is deeper and wider than the 6E. Both the 6E and 8E fittings suit those who have severe swelling of the feet (Oedema) or serious foot conditions. These widths offer those customers the room they need in footwear to feel confident and comfortable.


The diagram below helps explain.


You will see that some shoes and boots on our website have a V instead of an E to describe their width.

The V tells you that the fitting is variable. This is usually because the insole can be removed to create extra depth or that the upper has properties which allows extra depth if needed (such as Velcro straps or elastine properties in the upper).

Variable fits suit those who suffer from swelling (Oedema) which is more extreme in the mornings or differs throughout the day. This allows the fit to be adjusted so the shoe remains comfortable regardless of the degree of swelling. 

Variable fit also suits those who may prefer a looser fit when sitting at home relaxing but want a more secure fit when going for a walk or moving around the house.

The diagram below illustrates this for you.

When you see a variable fit on our website you will also see in brackets afterwards what the width fitting options are.

So for example a 6V (6E-8E) fitting is a 6E width fitting which can be increased to an 8E in some way. You will be able to read more about how this is achieved by reading the product description of the shoe.

Use our helpful diagram below to work out what width fitting you need.

We hope this helps explain the different width fittings on offer but we are always delighted to help you if you want further assistance or guidance. You are welcome to call us for advice or to visit our specialist wide fitting store in Wembley, where one of our trained fitters will be able to give you an individual fiiting service to ensure you get the perfect pair of shoes, regardless of your foot shape or any foot issues you may have.