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Wide Fitting Specialists. Order online or visit our shop in Wembley. Call us now on 0208 819 7756 for experienced help and advice.
Wide Fitting Specialists

Ladies Wide Fit Slippers

Warm, cosy and extra wide.
Our range of ladies wide fitting slippers will ensure your feet feel comfortable and supported,
Plenty of room for toes to relax and bunions, hammertoes and corns to be trouble-free. Velcro fastening for easy access even for swollen feet.
If you have naturally wide feet then the 2V width fitting will give your toes plenty of room and comfort. If you have oedema, large bunions, hammertoes then the 6V fitting would be perfect. 
All our styles are super comfortable and cushioned. Just what your feet need to feel cosy, and supported and warm!
Many styles have harder soles and a reinforced heel, so they can be worn outside for short trips to the shops or coffee in the garden.