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Wide Fitting Specialists - Order online or visit our London store. Call 0208 819 7756 for help and advice.
Wide Fitting Specialists - Order online or visit our London store. Call 0208 819 7756 for help and advice.

General Foot Care Advice For Diabetics

Shoes For Diabetics 

Diabetics need to take particular care of their feet as they may suffer from reduced sensitivity due to high blood sugar levels and they may also heal more slowly from cuts, bruises and wounds.

Here are our top 5 tips on keeping your feet healthy and happy if you have diabetes.

1. It is important that diabetics get into a regular routine of checking their feet for redness or blisters as this may indicate a foreign object in their shoes or that their shoes need replacing. It is recommended that diabetics check their feet every day when removing their socks in the evening.

2. Keep your toe nails in check. Keep your toe nails correctly trimmed - not too long, not too short. Not only will trimmed nails save you a fortune in socks, it will ensure you don't rub the front of your shoes and help keep them strong and healthy.

3. Ensure you dry your feet thoroughly after bathing or showering before putting on socks and shoes. Damp feet can encourage bacteria and fungal infections.

4. Check the inside of your footwear regularly for wear and tear and to ensure they are still in good condition. Every week or so, run your finger around the inside of your shoes. Can you feel any lumps or bumps? Is the stitching still okay? Are the insoles still in good condition? Replace them whenever there are signs of wear and tear that can’t be repaired.

5. Socks can often cause issues for diabetics. Change them daily and try and buy socks in your actual size rather than a ranged size (e.g. fits size 6-10). This ensure there isn't excess material in footwear which can irritate the foot or conversely that your foot is cramped in the sock.

Following these simple tips will help keep your feet in tip top condition!

We hope you have viewed our article on what Diabetics need to consider when buying new footwear. If not you can click the link to take a look.

To make it easier to find footwear suitable for diabetics we have grouped them together for you. Shoes in these collections have minimal stitching, soft uppers and high grade cushioning to keep your feet happy and protected.

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