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Recommended Shoes For Mortons Neuroma

Recommended Shoes For Morton's Neuroma

What is Morton's Neuroma?

Morton's Neuroma is a result of scarred/damaged nerve tissue in the front of the foot between the metatarsals. It is often between the 3rd and 4th digits, but can be between any metatarsal.

What are the symptoms of Morton's Neuroma?

The symptoms of Morton's Neuroma can vary, but the most common symptoms are a tingle or numbness in the toes and/or a sharp pain as you shift your weight forward to the ball of the foot when walking.

Another common symptom is a feeling there is something underneath the foot that feels like a wrinkle in a sock or small object.

What are the causes of Morton's Neuroma?

Morton's Neuroma is caused by an irritated or damaged nerve between the toe bones and is often linked to wearing high heeled shoes or shoes that are too tight. This puts excessive pressure on the front of the foot, damaging the nerve tissue.

It can also be caused by intensive running or other sports activities. The risk of getting Morton's Neuroma is higher if your trainers are old as the insoles can become compressed and stop supporting and cushioning the foot. 

Other foot conditions such as flat feet, high arches and bunions can also be the root cause of Morton's Neuroma, as all tof hese conditions put extra pressure on the front of the foot.

How can footwear help alleviate the symptoms of Morton's Neuroma?

Purchasing the correct footwear for Morton's Neuroma can greatly alleviate your symptoms and reduce the pain experienced when walking.

The key to reducing symptoms is to avoid excessive pressure on the front of the foot and to ensure the foot is cushioned correctly.

There are several shoes features that can help with this that you should be aware of and looking out for when buying footwear.

Shoes Tips For Morton's Neuroma - Choose Shoes With Sufficient Width

Tight shoes are a common reason for the onset of Morton's Neuroma. You must ensure the front of your foot has enough space, so your foot and toes can spread naturally as you walk.This avoids compression of the forefoot, which will certainly aggrevate your symptoms.

Our shoes come in a range of widths to ensure your feet have enough room to stretch out and not feel constricted. So whether you are looking for trainers, work boots or summer sandals, you can choose a shoe with the correct width.

We see so many customers with this condition in shoes that are not the right width for their foot shape, so purchasing shoes that are the correct width should be your number one priority,


Shoe Tips For Morton's Neuroma - Choose Stretch Uppers Or Soft Leathers

It is essential to avoid hard leather or synthetic uppers. They offer little give and press down on the top of your foot when walking. Instead, look out for soft leather or synthetic stretch uppers, which will negate this pressure when walking.

Stretch uppers are available in both ladies' and men's styles, including trainers, ankle boots, as well as Mary Jane summer shoes and sandals.

Men's Styles With Stretch Uppers

Skechers Kremlin - Best Shoes For Morton;s NeuromaRoamers Riley - Best Shoes For Morton's NeuromaBest Shoes For Morton's NeuromaSkechers Arch Fit - Best Shoes 2022 Mortons Neuroma

Men's styles like Skecher's Kremlin, Roamers Riley, DB Jason and Skechers Arch Fit have a stretch upper which will avoid compressing the front of your foot and aggravating your Morton's Neuroma.

Ladies Styles With Strech Uppers 

DB Oasis - 2022 Ladies Court Shoes For Morton's NeuromaDB Aurora - 2022 Best Ladies Shoes For Morton's NeuromaDB Lexi - 2022 Ladies Best Shoes For Morton's NeuromaMod Comfy Jen - 2022 Recommended Ladies Shoes For Morton's Neuroma

We have many ladies styles that incorporate clever stretch uppers into their design. So whether you are looking for a summer casual, autumn ankle boot or a hard-working shoe for every day, we will have a pair for you!

Shoe Tips For Morton's Neuroma - Choose Styles With Sufficient Depth

Deep Toe Box and Extra Depth Shoes For Morton's Neuroma


Styles with extra depth also offer room for your feet and stop the top of the shoe from compressing the top of your foot.

Look out for our  4E, 6E and 8E width fittings sa they offer extra depth in the shoe as well as extra width.

Styles in these fittings often have a removable insole so you can add your own orthotics without changing the internal dimensions of the shoe.


Shoe Tips For Morton's Neuroma - Choose Styles With Low Heels

Avoid High Heels For Mortons Neuroma

Avoid styles with high heels at all costs! High heels increases the pressure on the ball of the foot and will almost certainly aggrevate your Morton's Neuroma.

Also, avoid flat shoes; the ideal is a small heel which lifts the heel a little.

DB Hazel - Recommended Shoes For Morton's Neuroma - Low Heel HeightSkechers Coral - Recommended Shoes For Morton's Neuroma - Low Heel

Shoe Tips For Morton's Neuroma - Choose Styles With Flexible Soles

Choose Shoes With Flexible Soles To Help With Mortons Neuroma

Rigid soles prevent your foot from naturally bending as it steps forward, distorting your natural gait.

A flexible sole that is not too thin is ideal, as it cushions and protects the foot whilst also allowing movement of the foot.

Shoe Tips For Morton's Neuroma - Look For Cushioned And Supportive Insoles.

High Quality Cushioned Insoles Recommended For Mortons Neuroma

High-quality insoles are essential to help alleviate the symptoms of Morton's Neuroma. They act to cushion the foot and help to absorb impact and vibrations generated by walking.

It is important to remember that insoles do not last forever, and their cushioning ability degrades over time, regardless of the quality or their price.

We recommend that you check the condition of your insoles every six months. Do they still have spring in them when pressed, or have they flattened? If they have flattened, we recommend you replace them so you can continue wearing the shoes and get the necessary cushioning and protection.


Morton's Neuroma can be a painful and frustrating condition, but it shouldn't stop you from living life to the full.

We recommend that you check all the footwear you wear regularly and find new homes for any that don't meet the criteria above. Yes, even your favourite ones if they are not wide enough!

We have lots of shoes that can help, whatever your personal style, so take a look at our range and find your next favourite shoe.

We have lots of experience helping customers with this condition, so if you want more help and advice, then please give us a call or why not make an appointment for a fitting at our London store?

Other sources of information on Morton's Neuroma

NHS - Information On Morton's Neuroma

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