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Wide Fitting Specialists - Over 25 years experience helping our customers find comfortable footwear.
Wide Fitting Specialists

Shop For Wide Shoes By Foot Condition

Suffering from large bunions, gout, painful corns or diabetes?

We appreciate that these conditions can be painful and make it difficult to purchase comfortable and well fitted shoes. 

We passionately believe that everyone deserves comfortable, stylish and supportive footwear.

To help you find the most suitable footwear for your condition, we have created  dedicated pages which give you all the facts you need to get the right shoes for you.

Clink the link for your condition to see what key features you should be looking for and to view our collection of recommended footwear.


Recommended Shoes For Bunions And Bunion Pain

Recommended Shoes For Swollen Feet / Oedema

Recommended Shoes For Diabetics

Recommended Shoes For Gout

Recommended Shoes For Hammertoes

Recommended Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis

Recommended Shoes For Custom Orthotics