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Wide Fitting Specialists - UK Postage From £3.49
Padders Slippers and Shoes For Wide Feet

Padders Shoes - A Great Brand For Wider Fitting Shoes And Slippers

Padders Shoes are a wide fitting shoe company based in the UK.

They specialise in high quality, wider fitting shoes and offer customers with wide feet or foot conditions such as bunions, oedema, hammertoes and gout comfortable and supportive footwear.

The company is over 100 years old and one of the oldest shoe makers in the UK. 

Padders Shoes combine stylish and fashionable footwear with high quality materials and comfort features.

They offer a range of width fittings to ensure that customers get the right fit, regardless of the width of their feet or foot conditions they may have.

Padders Wide Fitting Slippers

Padders slippers are especially popular, and one of our best selling Padder styles. Our range of wide fitting Padders slippers come with memory foam insoles, which cushion the feet and are a pleasure to wear.

Most of our Padder slippers also come with dual insoles, which allow customers to remove one insole if they require additional depth. This creates a deeper toe box and gives more room in the slipper to accommodate swollen feet or high insteps. It also allows customers to remove an insole and replace it with their own orthotics without reducing the internal space of the slipper.

Our range of Padder slippers sells out quickly, and there may be times when we are out of stock. If your slipper is out of stock, please email us, and we can provide a stock update and information on our next delivery.

We have been stocking Padders wider fitting styles for over 20 years and can confirm they are a great company, and we love the quality of their range - and our customers do too!

Here are some of our best selling Padder wide fitting shoes and slippers:


 Padders Wide Fit Slippers - Peter - Mens Wide FitPadders Peter - Mens Extra Wide Fitting Slipper with Easy Access


Ladies Padders Wide Fit Shoes

Our range of ladies wide fit shoes in the Padders brand have the same high quality materials and comfort features.

We offer a choice of stylish Velcro close ladies shoes and classic lace up styles.

Padders Shoes Ladies Wide Fit Sprite Velcro ClosePadders Shoes Ladies Wide Fit Lace Up Refresh

Padders Shoes Ladies Wide Fit Lace Up HarpPadders Shoes Ladies Wide Fit Summer Sandal Grace

View Our Collection Of Ladies Wide Fit Shoes

Ladies Padders Wide Fit Boots

Padders also excel in ladies boots and offer ladies with wider feet or foot conditions a stylish and comfortable range of ankle boots.

Some styles have clever features to offer relief to bunions and corns such as hidden stretch panels.

Padders Shoes Ladies Wide Fit Boots PiccoloPadders Shoes Ladies Wide Fit Ankle Boots Margot

Padder Shoes Ladies Wide Fit Ankle Boots Stretch PanelPadders Shoes Ladies Wide Fit Ankle Boots Kim

View Our Collection Of Padders Ladies Wider Fitting Boots

 So there you have it, Padders Shoes, a great wide fitting brand! 

If you cannot find the Padders style you are looking for on our website please email in and we would be happy to advise you on delivery dates or alternative options.





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