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Wide Fitting Specialists. Last Posting Dates For Christmas is Monday 20th December.
Wide Fitting Specialists

Ladies Wide Fitting Shoes

Welcome to our collection of ladies wide fit shoes. Every lady deserves comfortable and attractive shoes, whatever the shape of your foot or any foot condition that you may have. Every foot is beautiful!

We stock an extensive range of wide fitting footwear in a range of widths and styles to ensure you get a pair that matches your individual style and the shape of your feet. Our carefully chosen collections ensure we only offer our customers the softest leathers, the most comfortable insoles and outstanding support.
We work with major brands such as Padders, Skechers, DB Shoes and less well known international brands to bring you the very best.

We have lots of experience helping those with foot conditions such as bunions, hammertoes, corns and swollen feet. So feel free to call us if you want some advice and guidance on what style and fitting would be best for you.