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This model is available in 2 width fittings: 2V and 6V

2V Variable Width Fitting For Swollen Feet
6V Variable Fitting Shoes For Very Swollen Feet and Severe Oedema

2V Fitting

The 2V width fitting is a 2E fitting that can be adjusted to a wider and deeper 4E fitting if needed. This fitting will comfortably accommodate moderate bunions and swelling, naturally wide feet and other foot conditions such as gout and hammer toes.

This fitting is wider than shoes you would find on the high street which are normally a C or D fitting.

6V Fitting

The 6V fitting is a very wide and deep 6E fitting, that can be increased further to an 8E fitting if needed. This width is designed to accommodate very swollen feet and other serious medical foot conditions which require lots of width and depth.  

Both widths allow for adjustment in the depth and fit. This could be due to clever, accommodating uppers which naturally expand around the foot, removable insoles or Velcro straps, where the fit can be loosened if required.

Still not sure what width fitting you need?

You can read our comprehensive guide on width fittings to learn everything you need to know about width fittings.

You can also measure your width using our simple width measurement guide.

If you would rather just talk to someone about your particular situation, call us on 0208 819 7756. We have helped thousands of customers with feet related issues get the right shoes, and we would be delighted to help you too.