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Why Shopping For Wide Shoes On The High Street Makes You Cry

Why Shopping For Wide Shoes On The High Street Makes You Cry

Trying to buy a comfortable and stylish pair of shoes can be a very frustrating experience if you have wide feet!

Traipsing from one shoe shop to the next, only to find every style you like is too narrow, and either impossible to get on or that it squeezes your toes when you try them on and walk around the shop.

Most high street shoes are a C or D width fitting. A D fitting is a standard or medium width yet a significant percentage of the population have feet wider than this.

We often get asked why high street shoe shops don’t stock wider fittings if so many potential customers have wider feet.

The main reason is enough storage space to store a range of fittings. The typical shoe box is not small, and if you think about a range of sizes from say 6 to 12 in half sizes that is already 13 boxes. If a shop offers that style in a medium and a wide fit, then that bumps the number of boxes to 26. Offer the style in a choice of 3 colours and you increase the boxes a shop needs to store for a single style up to 78 boxes - and that is just for one extra width fitting (there are 9 different width fittings in the UK!)

Even well-known wide fitting shoe shops have to limit the number of width fittings they can offer due to space limitations.

This just isn’t feasible for most high street locations. Especially when most shoe shops try to cater for both men and women, as well as cover a range of styles such as formal wear, casual, sandals, trainers, boots, etc..

The other main reason why the high street is bereft of wider fittings is that many shoe brands only manufacture a shoe in a single width. It keeps manufacturing costs down and suits the current world of fast fashion, where styles are changed or updated at an increasingly fast pace.

Our shop is part of our warehouse which allows us to stock styles in a range of width fittings to help customers get the perfect fit whatever the width of their feet!

We work with a select group of brands who understand the importance of designing quality footwear that fits the customer perfectly. These brands understand the importance of offering different width fittings so a shoe feels comfortable and supportive. 

So whether you have naturally wide feet, or wider feet due a foot condition such as bunions, hammertoes or gout then we have a wonderful pair of shoes waiting for you!

Come and visit our specialist wide fitting shoe shop in London for a personalised fitting service or browse our range online. We are happy to share our advice and help you get the perfect pair so please do call or email us if we can help.

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