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Wide Fitting Specialists - Order online or visit our London store. Call 0208 819 7756 for help and advice.
Wide Fitting Specialists - Order online or visit our London store. Call 0208 819 7756 for help and advice.
Wide Fit Trainers

The Complete Guide to Men's Wide Fit Trainers: Everything to Know

Did you know that, according to Healthline, wide feet can be caused by your age, genetics, improper footwear or foot deformities such as hammertoe, or swelling?

Whatever the reason for wide feet, it is a fact that finding comfortable wide fitting trainers can be a real headache.

We are specialists in wider fit trainers and offer a range of fittings and styles to ensure you get the fit and style you are looking for.

In this guide, we’ll review some of different types of men’s wide fit trainers available to help you find the right pair for you.

Everyone deserves comfortable footwear and trainers are a staple of most men's wardrobe. Trainers are extremely versatile and are ideal for weekend walks, BBQs, runs in the park or just lounging around the house. Check out our guide to find your perfect pair!

Men’s Wide Trainers

For men who find high street trainers a little tight and uncomfortable, we suggest looking at our E or EEE width fittings. They offer more width around the toe and allow your foot to relax.

These include the Dek T187A Trainer - E Fitting - Black, Dek Step Trainer - E Fitting - Black, and the DB Seb 2V (2E-4E) Fitting - Black Nubuck. We’ll review each of these now in a bit more detail.

The Dek T187A Trainer - E Fitting - Black

Dek - Great Value Wide Fit Trainer

This wide fitting trainer made by Dek in an E Fitting, is an ideal trainer for men with plantar fasciitis. There’s extra room for your toes, and it also comes with a padded collar and tongue that provide you with additional support and cushioning.

The outer soles are hard-wearing and are perfect for outdoor exercise and long walks.

These wide trainers are great value at only £34.99.

The Dek Step Trainer - E Fitting - Black

Dek Wider Fitting Trainer Men

Another great trainer for men with plantar fasciitis is the Dek Step Trainer - E Fitting - Black. This E-fitting wide trainer has a special sole feature. 

The sole is a suction-type sole, which means you’ll be less likely to slip when wearing them. Ideal if you work in a factory, or spend a lot of time walking on slippery surfaces. This is a popular shoe for people who work as cleaners or in factory settings.

This shoe also has a sock liner that’s contoured and has memory foam insole. Combined with a soft tongue and padded heel collar, this is an incredibly comfortable trainer you can wear for the entire day.

Additionally, it’s easy to clean the leather upper, so these trainers will always look great. You can buy these trainers for the low price of £29.99.

The DB Seb 2V (2E-4E) Fitting - Black Nubuck

DB Seb - Removable insole wider fit trainer for bunions

This men’s wide fitting trainer is ideal for men with conditions including diabetes, gout, orthotics, and plantar fasciitis. This shoe comes in a 2V fitting and looks great with smart casual outfits and jeans. One of the most impressive features is the removable insoles.

By removing these insoles, you can increase the width of the trainers to a 4E. This is ideal if you need increased depth due to swollen feet or gout but can also be useful if you need to insert custom orthotics. We also offer this model in a 6V fitting for men with serious foot conditions who require a lot of extra room and depth in their footwear.

Seb is made by DB Shoes, who are known for their quality craftmanship and attention to detail, and have a long history in shop making.

This shoe is available in a variety of colours so you can complement your personal style. This casual fitting shoe is ideal for everyday house use, BBQs, social gatherings, and walks. You can buy these trainers for £81.99.

Men’s Extra Wide Fitting Trainers

If your feet are extra wide, then you need to look at our extra wide fitting trainers. The width fittings to look out for are 4E, 6E or 8E depending on how wide you need them.

These extra wide fittings are men with either very wide feet or foot conditions such as gout, Edema, large bunions and painful corns.

These fittings are not only wide but have extra depth to stop the top of your foot rubbing against the top of the trainer.

We offer a large range of wide trainers in these fittings, from a range of brands to suit all styles and budgets, including the Sketchers Equalizer Trainer - 4E Fitting - Black, DB Dawson 6 V (6E-8E) Fitting - Brown, and the Sketchers GOrun Consistent 4 E Fitting - Black.

The Sketchers Equalizer Trainer - 4 E Fitting - Black

Skechers Extra Wide Mens Trainer - Equalizer

This extra wide trainer is perfect for issues related to extra wide feet such as hammertoes, corns, and bunions. You will also get a great workout in these trainers because they’re a lightweight trainer with a mesh fabric upper that can keeps your feet cool during exercise.

You can use these trainers for casual wear all day in the summer or for runs in the park. They look great and complete most outfits.

The greatest priority Sketchers had when designing these wider fit trainers was comfort. The construction is nearly seamless, so there are fewer joins and seams that might irritate sensitive feet.

Additional comfort features include cushioned, memory foam, air-cool insoles and a tongue and heel collar that are padded.

This stylish trainer that’s also super comfortable has a price tag of £64.99.

The DB Dawson 6 V (6E-8E) Fitting - Brown or Black

Dawson - Extra Wide Mens Trainer For Odema And Gout

This extra wide causal trainer has an incredibly wide fitting of 6V, so lots of width and extra depth.

For this reason, anyone who has plantar fasciitis, hammer toe, gout, diabetes, or bunions will benefit from wearing this shoe. This is an incredibly comfortable trainer with a padded heel collar and tongue which cushion your feet.

Additionally, the insoles are removable, which increases the width fitting from a 6E to our widest width fitting, 8E. 

Removable insoles are also great if you have your own orthotics. Simply take out the insoles and replace with your 

These trainers are also perfect for use in warmer weather because of their textile lining and uppers. Additionally, the contrast stitch detailing makes this a smart fashion choice. You can purchase these trainers for £81.99.

The Sketchers GOrun Consistent 4 E Fitting - Black

Skechers Go Run Extra Wide Fit Men Trainers

If you’re looking for an extra wide trainer that you can use for a large variety of workouts and running, you should consider getting these sporty wide fit trainers. The mesh fabric upper, smooth leather, and ULTRA GO cushioning midsole make this a great workout shoe.

It’s rare to find a shoe like this for extra wide feet in the UK, so this one stands out in that regard. In addition to being useful for men with wide feet, it can also be great if you have bunions or hammertoes.

This is also a lightweight shoe while still providing support, which makes it comfortable for running. This stylish, practical shoe is available for £79.99.

Sketchers Wide Fit Trainers

Sketchers offer some great options when it comes to wide fit trainers. These include the Sketchers Go Walk Idyllic - 2E - Black and the Sketchers Go Walk Idyllic - 2E Fitting - Charcoal/Orange. We’ll review these now.

The Sketchers Go Walk Idyllic - 2E - Black

Skechers Go Walk Idyllic Black Wide Fit Trendy Trainer

This stylish, comfortable walking trainer that comes in a 2E fitting. This is a great model for anyone who has diabetes or wide feet, and perfect for long walks. The insoles can be removed as well, which is perfect for those with their own orthotics.

It’s also perfect for everyday wear because it’s comfortable and lightweight.

This stylish shoe with a supportive foot bed design and ULTRA GO cushioning that’s responsive is available for £69.99.

The Sketchers Go Walk Idyllic - 2E Fitting - Charcoal/Orange

Go Walk Idyllic Men Wide Fit Trainer

This wide-fitting trainer has many of the same features as the last covered trainers, providing the GO Walk Arch Fit - Idyllic support, a smooth synthetic upper, and mesh soft fabric. It’s a great choice if you have wide feet or diabetes.

You can also remove the insoles if you need to put your own orthotics in. You can get these trainers for £69.99.

Wide Fit White Trainers

If you’re looking for wide fit trainers in white, one great choice is the Dek T187G Trainer - E Fitting - White.

Wide Fit White Trainer For Men


This shoe, available for £34.99, provides extra room for men with wide feet. Additionally, the padded collar and tongue provide extra support and cushioning.


Dek Wide Fit Velcro Trainer Men

Another option is the Dek T198G Velcro Trainer - E Fitting - White. In addition to being ideal for wide feet, this white shoe has Velcro straps that can make your fit more comfortable. These are great value at £34.99.

Wide Fit Hiking Shoes

If you’re a fan of hiking, a great choice is the Sketchers Selmen - 2E Fit Hiking Trainer - Sand.

Wide Fit Hiking Boot Men

These hiking trainers at £64.99, are the perfect combination of comfortable, durable, and waterproof, so you can hike in complete comfort with happy feet throughout the trip!

The soles provide excellent support, the midsole is shock absorbent, and they look great!

Another choice is the Jontex Kathmandu Hiking Shoe E Fitting - Brown.

Jontex - Wide Fit Hiking Boot Mens

This wide fit hiking shoe is available for £34.99, is sturdy, weatherproof, and has a comfort lining and padded collar to make your hikes comfortable.

Wide Fit Velcro Trainers

If you’re looking for men’s wide Velcro trainers, you should consider purchasing the Dek T198A Trainer - E Fitting - Black for £34.99. 

There’s also extra support and cushioning you get through the padded collar and tongue. The Velcro itself will make the fit as tight or as loose as you want.

Looking to Buy Men’s Wide Fit Trainers?

So whether you are looking for a sporty wide fit running trainer, a casual trainer for weekend BBQs or a wider fitting hiking trainer, we have a trainer for you. 

You can learn more about different width fittings here and find out how to measure the width of your own foot to ensure you get the right size and fitting.

We have over 30 years experience in helping customers with wider feet so if you need assistance or advice then why not get in touch. We are here to help!

To learn more about the wide fit shoes we have available, you can check out our men’s wide fit trainers collection now.

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