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Wide Fitting Specialists - Order online or visit our London store. Call 0208 819 7756 for help and advice.
Wide Fitting Specialists - Order online or visit our London store. Call 0208 819 7756 for help and advice.
Wide Fitting Work Boots For Wide Feet Bunions And Gout

Extra Wide Safety Boots For All Day Comfort


Traditional Safety Boots Are Not Wide Enough For Nearly 40% of Construction Workers.
Sore Feet From Narrow Work Boots

Historically, construction and heavy industry workers had no alternative but to put up with uncomfortable safety boots, as steel toe caps were designed for the standard width foot.

This usually meant those with wide feet or foot issues such as gout or bunions had to squeeze their toes into steel caps which were not wide enough or didn't give enough depth. But it was that, or be turned away from the construction site - no safety boots, no work.

This in turn, created a new set of problems such as corns where the toes rubbed against the side of the cap and pain in the metatarsal area of the feet.

Buying Work Boots In A Larger Size Is A Bad Idea


Buying Larger Size For Extra Width Is A Bad Idea

The traditional way to compensate was to buy safety boots a few sizes too big to get some extra width into the work boot, but this is far from ideal. This allows the foot to move around in the boot which encourages hard skin, corns and blisters, and a potential trip hazard. 

Another trick was to buy too large and then wear extra socks to absorb some of the excess space, but this causes the foot to overheat and for socks to become soaked in sweat encouraging, fungal growth and foot conditions such as Athletes Foot.

Well, there is a solution. You are in your work boots for 40 hours a week, at least! So time to get a pair of safety boots that fit correctly and give you the comfort and support you need. 

Wide Shoes Have Partnered With International Boot Maker Wide Load.

Wide Load Logo - Wide Fitting Work Boots

Wide Shoes have been working with international brands to solve this problem for construction workers in the UK and are delighted to be partnered with Australian boot make, Wide Load.

Wide Load specialises in wide fitting work boots, which have all the accredited safety features you would expect of a premium boot, combined with wide steel toe caps and lots of comfort features, to ensure you get complete comfort all day long.

Our Wide Load Boots Offer Wider And Deeper Steel Toe Caps.

Extra Wide Steel Toe Cap For Wider Feet









The significant difference between Wide Load and other brands of work boots are the steel toe caps.

Wide Load steel toe caps are an impressive 15mm wider than the industry standard and 6mm deeper.

This extra width is key to giving the bones in your foot the space to relax and stop toes and joints rubbing on the steel toe cap.

The extra depth allows custom orthotics to be easily inserted if required and plenty of room for hammertoes, so finally an end to raw toe joints rubbing the top of the cap.

The combination of additional width and depth will also give great relief to those with gout and bunions. The Wide Load safety boot's footprint is 15% larger than the equivalent size in a standard boot. 

The Most Comfortable Work Boots You Will Ever Wear.

Not only are Wide Load boots wider, they are also packed with comfort features.

Wide Fitting Safety Boot Product Features

Comfort insoles with padded tongue and heel collars keep the foot cushioned and supported, and the non-slip sole gives security on difficult surfaces.

Our Customers Love Them.

We are the leading distributor of the Wide Load brand in the UK and will be expanding the range available over the next 12 months. Our customers LOVE this brand, and the majority of buyers wish they had found this brand years ago!

If you have struggled with safety boots in the past, or have wasted money on 'wide' work boots, then look no further. These boots are genuinely wide - we have never received a pair back saying they were not wide enough.

Check Out Our Wide Load Range.

We currently offer two styles; The classic lace up safety boot, and a protected zipper version with a side zip to make them easier to take on and off. The zip version is available in black or beige.

Wide Load Lace Up Version In Black - 690LC

Wide Load 690LC Wide Fitting Safety Boot with Extra Wide Toe Cap

Wide Load Zip Version In Black - 690BL

Wide Fitting Work Boot with Zip - Wide Steel Toe Cap

Wide Load Zip Version In Beige - 690WZ

Wide Load Extra Wide Safety Boot Biege
Wide Fitting Dealer Work Boot Black
We have a size guide to help you get the right size first time, so we recommend measuring your feet to get the best possible fit. You will the size guide on every Wide Load product page.
If you have any questions about our Wide Load range, then why not get in touch, we are happy to help and advise.




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