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Corns - Condition & Treatment


What are corns?

Corns are one of the more common foot complaints and are a natural way for your body to protect itself against pressue. Continual pressure causes a localised thickening of skin.

This condition is more common in women as we are more likely to wear wearing ill-fitting shoes.

Corns appear as white/grey or yellow/ brown in colour depending on your skin type.

Symptoms include pain and swelling around the corn and discomfort with direct pressure. 

What are the main causes of corns?

• Tight shoes 

• Deformed toes (Hammer toes) 

• Seam or stitch inside the shoe which rubs against the toe 

• Bunions

Suggested remedy for corns:

• Reduce the thickness of the corn by using a pumice stone or we’ve found that a product called ‘Heel Balm’ from Flexitol is excellent at reducing corn thickness (even though the product is sold for hard heels!)The cheapest price we’ve found is on an Irish dance site, who happen to sell foot products too, their URL is www.antoniopacelli.com. Just go straight to the online shop if you aren’t interested in Irish dance!

• Alleviate pressure through the use of pads or silicone gel

• Get properly fitted shoes!

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