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Bunions - Condition & Treatment


What are bunions?

Bunions usually occur at the base of the big toe and typically start to occur when the big toe starts moving towards the smaller toes. The condition develops slowly and results from the gradual dislocation of the joint.

What are the main causes of bunions?

• The main cause is tight or ill-fitting shoes. Women are more frequently affected with bunions because of tight, pointed, confining or high heeled shoes. 

• Hereditary factors 

• Irregular gait

Suggested remedies for bunions:

• As bunions are due to structural problems with the foot, they are hard to treat and are best corrected through surgery.

• Pain can be alleviated through the use of commercial bunion pads (again the cheapest place we found them was on www.antoniopacelli.com)

• If the bunion is caused by an irregular gait then corrective insoles can reduce the problem.

• Correctly fitting shoes.

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