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Sandpiper Extra Wide Fit Shoes

  1. Sandpiper Celia - Extra Wide Ladies Sandal in Navy (4E-6E Fitting) 108A ( J )

    Regular Price: £79.99

    Special Price £35.00

    Celia is a ladies extra wide sandal with the toe in and a 4E to 6E fitting

    Designed for style!

    You won't believe how good this looks on the foot

    No matter how wide your feet look in other shoes, slip them into a pair of Celia and see the transformation.

    The neat lines down the front of the shoe keep even the widest feet looking smart.

    The clever elastic gusset makes sure the leather edge does not cause any discomfort even on very high or swollen insteps.

    The style can't be denied, and the soft, cushioned comfort is taken for granted.

    • Great sandal for bunions , very sore corns, Hammer toes

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